Monday, 30 July 2007

Where has the time gone....................

I owe a huge apology to everyone, Iam very sorry!!
I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog since like forever!!!

However there is a reason, I have been sooooooooooo busy.
I have not had any spare time at all.
I feel like a walking zombie at the moment and am so happy everything is back to normal.
Well back to normal for now anyway!!

Where to start...
So much has happened.
I have been so busy with work.
I have worked over 20 x 12 hour days with only one day off, Yuk!!
Iam totally exhausted!!

While working I have been trying to finish organising my wedding plans, they are coming along smoothly thank goodness!!

I received my wedding invitations!! Yes that's right my wedding invitations!!
I was like a little kid at Christmas time opening them with my gorgeous fiance he was even excited.
At long last I received them and sent them on there merry way.
They turned out perfect they look fantastic definitely worth the wait, I love them!!

Time has gone by so quickly I didn't realise how close my big day was away it is getting so close, so very exciting!!!
Here is a peek at my wedding invitations they are so beautiful!!!!!!!

The Invitation

Inside The Invitation
Wishing well card

R.S.V.P card

Envelope seal

Hope everyone had a lovely Monday......

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Home sweet home............

We have returned from Melbourne back at home at last. It is nice to get away but it is soooo nice to get home and sleep in your own bed and be in your house.
It was great catching up with friends and family I wish we lived closer as you realise how much you miss them when you catch up with them.

We picked up our wedding bands, very exciting they look so beautiful I can't wait to be able to wear mine!!

I was able to do some knitting on our trip away and have Nealy finished my scarf....
Still have a little bit to go.

Melbourne is such a wonderful city I love it when we get a chance to visit there is so much to do, see and eat in Melbourne!

As it is cold here I have decided to make up a big pot of Lamb shank and Vegetable soup, it should go down quiet nicely as it will warm us up in the inside......

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Something to smile about

Today it has been 1 year since my gorgeous Fiance sked me to marrying him.....
What a lovely memory.....
I have been thinking and recalling of the this day 1 year ago when my nervous fiance asked me to be his wife.....
What a special day.......

A dash of Pink to wish for

Everyone has a wish list... On my wish list, I wish for

Pink Kitchenaid Mixer

Pink LeChasseur French oven

A Pink LeChasseur Baking dish

Pink Kitchenaid Blender

Jamie Oliver Professional Stainless Steel Set

Jamie Oliver Mug

Tea Set

Robert Gordon Teapot

Donna Hay Cook Book

The list could go on forever but I have listed a few of my fav things I wish I could call my own, maybe I might get a surprise at Chrissy time......

I have a passion for teapots especially pretty ones and just love the Robert Gordon teapot...

I think there is just something special when you can have a little luxury like drinking tea out of pretty cups served from gorgeous teapots.........

Donna Hay is such an Inspiration I just Love her cook books the recipes are pretty easy to follow and are full of flavor I just Love cooking up a storm with the guidance of Donna Hay's books....

When I first seen the Pink kitchenaid range I fell in love. Kitchenaid have brought out a range of colors but I think the Pink looks best!!! I can't wait to be able to light up my kitchen with some kitchenaid appliances and some LeChassuer Baking dishes maybe Christmas time......

I have been searching for a really good quality saucepan set and finally found one after a long search it's the Jamie Oliver range I would love to get my hands on a saucepan set from Jamie's range.....

Jamie's mugs are too die for he has brought out a range that suit's the individual there are so many to choose from....

I have shown a small piece of my wish list and would love to hear of other's wish list if anyone would like to share with me feel free to share your wishes................................................................

Friday, 29 June 2007

Chocolate pudding bar recipe

Not much to talk about since my last post as Iam back at work (yuk).

Chocolate pudding bar
250 gram packet of malt biscuits
3 x 80 gram Crunchie bars, refrigerated
395 gram can of condensed milk
600 ml thickened cream
Cocoa powder

Line a 3cm deep, 26cm x 16cm baking tray with baking paper.
Layer malt biscuits over base of pan, cutting to fit if necessary, so base is completely covered.
Wrap crunchies, still in their wrappers, in a clean tea-towel, bash Crunchie bars so they are broken into small pieces.
Using an electric mixer, beat sweetened condensed milk and cream in a large bowl until thick and pale.
Stir through Crunchie bar pieces.
Spread cream mixture over biscuits. Top with another layer of biscuits.
Cover and freeze until firm.
Dust with cocoa powder cut into squares.
Keep in Freezer

Warning This slice is highly addictive it is so Yummy!!